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January 1970

Back in 2002 Crazy Hats, in its infancy, organised a Crazy Hats Day in schools - in one day over £20,000 was raised with 85 schools taking part.  Today, some seventeen years later, schools continue to play a very significant part in the charity.  Park Junior School, in Wellingborough has supported the charity every year since 2002, so we were honoured when Headteacher, David Tebbutt, informed us that we were to be their Charity of the Year for 2018/19. Several members of staff had been diagnosed with breast cancer so it was something very close to their hearts.  We had a great year with the staff and children, attending fairs; assemblies; the children performing at our Thanksgiving Service in October 2018 and even being interviewed and filmed by ITV. The year ended with a with a huge sponsored 'Cheer-a-thon' and the presentation of a cheque for a staggering £1,160.86!   Well done, huge thanks and congratulations to all the staff, pupils and parents - we are truly grateful - such support remains very special. xx