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Your donations

Where does your money go?

Breast clinics, breast screening and oncology departments at Kettering and Northampton General Hospitals are the main beneficiaries of all monies raised.

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To date approximately £950,000 has been given to KGH and approximately £900,000 to Northampton. £50,000 (approx. was given to Leicester Royal Infirmary to support various breast reconstruction projects).


The range of equipment and resources we have funded over the years is vast, ranging from small items such as towels, pictures, televisions etc. to much larger projects for hi-tech pieces of surgical and diagnostic equipment – and two cafés – one in each of the hospitals.

Funds Allocation

We work very closely with consultants and the breast care teams to determine what is needed and why, how much the items are, and whether their requests are viable before we sign off the very important cheques on your behalf. We work very hard to ensure the running costs of the charity are kept to a minimum and use all HMRC Gift Aid money from donations to do this.